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Understanding Metro 2 Compliance Before Disputing 

The Metro 2® Format was developed as a standard for the credit
reporting industry and accomplishes the following:
• Provides one standard computer layout to be used for reporting
accurate, complete and timely consumer credit information.
• Meets all requirements of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA),
the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA), the Equal Credit Opportunity
Act (ECOA) and all applicable state laws.
• Allows for reporting information at both the account and
consumer leve.
• Allows for reporting the full four-digit year.
The Metro 2® Format was designed to allow reporting of the most
accurate and complete information on consumers' credit history.
It is imperative that all accounts are reported a minimum of once
per month and that they are reported with a final Account Status
Code when they are ultimately paid or closed.
For data furnishers or processors who report data by cycles, all
accounts should be reported at the close of each cycle.
The FCRA places significant responsibility on both the data
furnishers and Consumer Reporting Agencies. For more details,
refer to the FCRA (sections 621 and 623), which can be found at
The following fields within the Metro 2® Format will assist you in
complying with federal and state legislation:
• Compliance Condition Code
• Date of First Delinquency
• Account Type
• Consumer Information Indicator
• ECOA Code
• Associated borrower information (J1/J2 Segments)
• Original Creditor Name and Creditor Classification (K1
Work closely with your compliance officers and programmers to
ensure that these and all fields are reported accurately and are
logical in relationship to each other.


Download Metro 2 Resource Guide Here

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