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Get Custom Credit Dispute Letters

Discover the benefits of our service:

  • CAS specializes in crafting highly effective dispute letters to address credit inaccuracies directly. Our team of professionals develops personalized, legally sound letters that pinpoint and challenge specific FCRA violations and inaccuracies on your credit report. Focused on your unique circumstances, we strive to correct these errors, advocating for your credit rights and leading you toward a clearer financial future. Rely on CAS to empower your journey to better credit with our precision and professionalism.

  • We handle a wide array of disputes, including letters for each negative account, affidavits, intent to sue notices, personal information disputes, Metro 2 challenges, and more. Additionally, we extend our dispute letter services to consumer reporting agencies like Clarity Services, LexisNexis, Factor Trust, DataX, CoreLogic, Credco, and others, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your credit repair needs. Trust CAS to navigate the complexities of credit reporting with expertise, offering you a path to improved credit.

  • Our service spans two months, during which we will obtain a new credit report for you 35 days after dispatching your first round of dispute letters. This allows us to identify what has not been removed and prepare a second round of targeted dispute letters for any unresolved items. This thorough follow-up ensures that your credit report receives the attention and action it deserves, maximizing your chances of rectifying inaccuracies and boosting your credit score.

1st Step | Choose a Credit Monitoring Service

We work with Smart Credit and 

Identity IQ

  • Is credit repair 100% guaranteed?
    No! And if anyone tells you different RUN! No one can guarantee the outcome of credit repair.
  • How do I obtain my Dispute Letters?
    To obtain your Dispute Letters, simply log in to your client portal app and navigate to the 'Sent Letters' tab. There, you will find your dispute letters ready for download. Print them out, mail them to the respective credit bureaus or creditors, and wait for a response. Upon receiving a response, upload it into your client portal. If a counter response is necessary, we'll prepare and provide an additional Dispute Letter for you.
  • What happens if I get confused about the process or don't know how to respond to a letter I receive back from the credit bureaus?
    If you're unsure about the process or how to reply to a response from the credit bureaus, simply upload the letter to the 'Documents' section in your client portal. Then, send us a secure instant message. We will promptly email you back with a strategic plan of action to navigate through the issue. Our goal is to support and guide you at every step of your credit repair journey.
  • When will I receive my Dispute Letters?
    Your Dispute Letters will be ready and sent to you within 24 to 48 business hours following your purchase. This quick turnaround ensures you can begin the credit dispute process without delay.
  • How will I receive my Dispute Letters?
    You will receive your Dispute Letters both via email and through your client portal. Upon signing up for our service, we will provide you with a username and password, granting you access to log in and view your documents anytime.
2nd Step | Let's Get Started

What you will receive: 1 Complete Round Of  Challenge Letters.

Full credit report overview.

We will pull all negative accounts/public record information from your credit report and begin to create your challenge letters accordingly.

The  challenge letters are strategic, unique and tailored to your specific credit file information.

Upon completion of your  Challenge letters we will email you your file containing your challenge letters in which you will then mail out using "tracking" to the prospective credit reporting companies along with two forms of your ID.

REFUND POLICY: No Refunds once letters are created.

*Please Note: This is a self guided process. You will be challenging on your own. We do not offer one on one guidance as this service is an alternative to hiring us to work on your behalf.

Upon purchase of the challenge letters, you must obtain an account with credit monitoring service and you must submit your credit monitoring website username and password on this website within 24/48 Business hrs. of purchase to insure prompt delivery of your Metro 2 Compliance challenge letters.

Thank you for your purchase, you will receive your order within 48 hrs. of the business day or the next business day if you are purchasing on the weekend!

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